Explore Kenya with Poriscape Safaris

Poriscape Safaris is ready to take you across the kenyan landscape..

Explore Tanzania with Poriscape Safaris

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Explore Uganda with Poriscape Safaris

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Welcome to Poriscape Safaris

Immersing you in an unforgettable experience!

So you want to explore beautiful African landscapes, discover the hidden gems of the earth, experience Africa’s rich, diverse and vibrant culture, marvel at the array of biodiversity, enjoy wild places and magnificent physical features – from the vast lakes to the mighty mountains, the beautiful coastal beaches, the endless plains, the rolling hills to the sea of green forests – all while having fun; or you just escape into the wild to cool off steam from the rat race of the corporate world or partake in adrenaline-inducing activities, or just meet and socialize with new people? 

Poriscape Safaris is here to cater to your needs. 

We will immerse you in the magic of the expansive Lake Victoria or Nam Lolwe or Nalubaale in East Africa, go with you to the top of the towering Mt Kilimanjaro scraping the Tanzanian skies, hike with you to the granite peak of the prodigious Mt Kenya rising gently from the central highlands of magical Kenya, or the splendid range of Atlas Mountains spread spectacularly across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia in North Africa. We will traverse with you the endless plains of the sumptuous and wildlife-rich Maasai Mara and Samburu and Laikipia landscapes, savour the wondrousness of Chalbi, Sahara and Namib deserts, explore the rolling hills of Chyullu and northern Kenya all the way to the tropical Kakamega forest, get lost with you in the beauty of Kenya’s coast led by the sparkling Diani (the cleanest beach in Africa), the popular Mombasa, the sweet Watamu, the magnificent Malindi, the tranquil and dreamy Lamu then cross with you all the way to the delicious spiciness of Zanzibar. We will trek with you among the majestic gorillas in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda, the mountainous Rwanda and the rainforests of the evergreen biodiverse Congo. 

Get in touch with us to start planning your adventure. 

Poriscape Safaris was established by environmentally conscious travel and adventure enthusiasts to provide exciting, fun-filled, educational, life-changing safaris, adventures and experiences – that transcend the usual destination tours, travel and holidays – while inspiring and supporting conservation and sustainable community development in Africa. 

Apart from the tours, safaris, adventures, excursions, explorations, educational expeditions, we also help with securing safe accommodation, airport transfers, vehicle hires, flight bookings, holiday planning, organize team-building activities (that come with free personal development and transformational leadership training), destination weddings, organization of conference and events and film crew location support.

Our goal is to make your experience unforgettable and worthwhile! For us, Poriscape Safaris a blend of passion, service and social and environmental responsibility.

Plan Your Perfect Trip With Us

Our Services


Whether you have a day off and want to unwind or maybe you would just like to getaway over the weekend to enjoy some quiet time away from the usual busyness of life or, better yet, you want to experience the beauty of Kenya, Africa, the world over a span of days, we are here to walk with you.


Urban Explorations

We organize guided tours and explorations of vintage structures, the rich natural history, the parks, reserves, nature centres in urban areas. Come, let us explore our towns and cities together.


Are you looking for an enjoyable camping experience? Join our camping trips to spectacular, natural locations or get in touch with us help you, your team or family plan one.


Our enthusiastic team organizes hiking of nature trails, hills, mountains, unique landscapes and the remote countryside. Check out our packages and join us for the best experience you will ever have in your hiking life.

Educational Expeditions

At Poriscape Safaris, we believe that nature inspires learning. As a result, we help schools organize outdoor activities and trips to various places depending on the schools learning objectives. These trips are led by our trained educators who understand the linkage between the curriculum, nature and conservation.

Holidays and Vacations

We offer competitive holidays and vacations packages


Enjoy this exciting compilation of our best travel, safari and adventures videos and preview of the best tourist destinations in Kenya

Our Blog

Sunset Splendor in Watamu

The gentle waves of the ocean, reflecting the kaleidoscope of colours, provide a soothing soundtrack to this natural spectacle. Silhouettes of palm trees sway gently against the backdrop, creating an enchanting rhythm against the colourful sky.

Ziplining: A Thrilling Rush of Adrenaline

Imagine soaring through the air, experiencing a thrilling rush of adrenaline, with the wind rushing past you as the panoramic views of the breathtaking natural landscape unfold beneath your feet! Indescribably amazing feeling, right? Ziplining offers a unique...

World Giraffe Day

These tall, elegant creatures, often seen towering over and gracefully traversing the spectacular African savannah, need us if they are to survive beyond 2050.

Safari in Kenya: An Awe-Inspiring Experience

Embarking on a safari in Kenya is an awe-inspiring experience that showcases the country's breathtaking natural beauty and remarkable wildlife. Kenya is renowned for its diverse ecosystems, from the striking sceneries of northern Kenya with its vast savannahs and...

Poriscape Safaris: A Tapestry of Dreams

In the realm of wanderlust’s embrace,
Poriscape Safaris invites you to a magical chase,
Where travel and adventure intertwine,
A journey where your soul will truly shine.

Hike Mt Kenya for the Girl


Humpback Whale Migration

Every year, between July and August, humpback whales migrate from the cold Antarctica to the warmer - tropical or subtropical - parts of the seas and oceans to mate and reproduce. This includes Kenya’s magnificent coast. After two months of breeding and nursing their...

The Promise of Ecotourism

Tourism plays a major role in economic growth for countries with wildlife and scenic landscapes. In Kenya, tourism contributes significantly to economic growth, surpassed only by agriculture. Sadly, both tourism and agriculture are very vulnerable to climate change....

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