Today is World Giraffe Day. A day established by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) to celebrate the giraffes and raise awareness about the plight of the gentle giants that are silently facing extinction. These tall, elegant creatures, often seen towering over and gracefully traversing the spectacular African savannah, need us if they are to survive beyond 2050.

One of the things you can do to save them is by supporting sustainable tourism.

When visiting areas that host giraffes, choose tour operators and accommodation facilities that prioritize sustainable practices and contribute to local conservation efforts. Responsible tourism can help provide economic incentives for communities to protect giraffes and their habitats.

Our fundamental tenet and primary goal as a responsible tour company is to bridge the gap between tourism-related activities, conservation and improvement of livelihoods. We contribute towards environmental and wildlife conservation projects and initiatives that aim at improving livelihoods especially in wildlife hotspots, fragile habitats and tourism destinations.

When you travel, adventure, explore, or conduct any business with Poriscape Safaris, you are not only exploring the beauty of Africa, enjoying the magnificence of wildlife and landscapes, or growing personally; you are also contributing towards the protection of the environment and wildlife, supporting sustainable community development, as well as initiatives aimed at alleviating poverty among communities coexisting with wildlife.