About Poriscape Safaris

Poriscape Safaris Limited is a Kenya based tours and travel company founded by passionate, environmentally conscious adventure and travel enthusiasts to provide individuals, families, friends and corporate groups with exciting, fun-filled, educational, life-changing, eco-friendly services and experiences – that transcend the usual destination tours, travel and holidays – while inspiring and supporting conservation and sustainable community development in Africa. 

Apart from organizing tours, excursions, explorations, camping, educational expeditions, holidays, vacations, romantic adventures, destination weddings, boot-camps, we also help with reservation of accommodation, flight booking, visa application, vehicle hires, airport transfers, transport to or within destination, team building (that comes with free personal development and transformational leadership training) as well as organization of conference, events and exhibitions and provision of location scouting and support for film crews.

Our goal is to make your experience unforgettable and worthwhile! For us, Poriscape Safaris a blend of passion, service and social and environmental responsibility.

What makes us unique? 

The basic foundation of Poriscape Safaris is to bridge the gap between tourism and leisure activities, conservation and livelihoods improvement. Our proceeds go towards supporting environmental and wildlife conservation projects and initiatives aimed at improving livelihoods especially in wildlife hotspots, fragile habitats and tourism destinations.

We also incorporate education and awareness in our safaris, excursions and adventure programmes and activities. Our guides and educators are retrained to add educational value and instil the love for nature through our tours, travel and leisure activities.

When you travel, adventure, explore or conduct any business with Poriscape Safaris, therefore, you are not only exploring the beauty of Africa, enjoying the magnificence of wildlife and landscapes or growing personally, you are contributing towards conservation and protection of the same environment and wildlife and supporting sustainable community development and initiatives aimed at improving the livelihoods of communities coexisting with wildlife in fragile habitats in order to lift the pressure and reduce overexploitation of natural resources.

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